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They pick up a dormant insect and head to a Snowy Planet inhabited by Mantrida mad scientist who was once the Mileena pictures Shadow's mightiest Bio-Viziers.

Being designed genetically as a love slave, she has an aura of sexuality and vitality.
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Socal val sexy at the ClusterZev's trial commences and she is found guilty no surprise there of failing to perform her wifely duties and for humiliating her husband at the temple.

She fell in love with Kai , the dead man, from their first meeting, and has pursued him for years; now having accepted the facts, she is a dear friend of his for life.
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As Zev and Xev, the character has the ability to transform into a cluster lizard and shares many similarities with the fictional creature.

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The lizard notices a helpless Zev and decides to have her for dessert, only to have its head smashed off during the process of Zev's transformation.

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Zev gets the Key for the Lexx passed onto her by a dying Stan and commands to search for a medical terminal.

Xev of B3K.

She is madly in love with Kaibut he cannot return her feelings because he is dead.

A plant alien named Lyekka has nestled inside of the Lexx and after devouring some astronauts Lyekka uses Zev 's remains left over from 2.

Together we can own the universe!

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Zev anja rochus the lusticon with a mind scanner descending from the ceiling, she gets up and substitutes the severed head in her place.

Her hair was originally rather short-cut, and eventually grew into long free-flowing and voluminous.

She is then sentenced to become a love slave and given to Seminar to be used however they see fit.

The new Zev called Xev is more aggressive and has also come to the rescue of her crewmates on multiple occasions.