When a guy calls you cute what does that mean.This means that he loves you in cute PJs tucked into bed at night as much as he loves you all babe-d up for the next night out!

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A guy will use this word when he is not sure whether you like him or not. Most people think that when you are called cute, it means that you are either a baby or an infant who is just good to admire. A cute girl is classy, witty, and open-minded.

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You blend in easily and do not think too highly of yourself.

Cuteness is related to happiness, respect and goodness.
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And this adds to the reason why some guys end up looking for perfect words to call the girl.

I'm reminded everyday by the fact he's almost 6ft and my inability to reach a coffee cup.
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We're just about the same age.

She was taking it at face value, but in reality the term "cute" can mean different things depending on the context.

I told my friend that being called cute was a compliment.

I get called cute a lot, but that's mainly because I look so young I'm 18 but people think I'm around

If you are cute, it means you are fun to be around.

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Why do guys say "cute"?

When a guy is looking for a girl to be in a relationship with, the cute girls are the ones who last.

And they do not overreact or lose their nerves easily.

He actually wants to see you smiling and get to know you better.

Her girlfriends also comment on Facebook and instagram she's cute and I really think she's cute.

Every guy will want to hang around a girl if he finds her to be of great fun.

I feel if a girl asks me how she looks and I reply with:

Hot girls have nowhere to go but down.

Guys don't go around telling girls they are beautiful, she may think that's creepy or it's too much.

Cute girls have deep respect for people.