Vasomotor rhinitis and sexual arousal.The relationship between Freud and Fleiss eventually festered.

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Entering a brightly lit area from a dark area stimulates sneezing in some subjects [ 22 ]. Reflex activation of nasal secretion by unilateral inhalation of cold dry air. Furthermore, the medication is relatively contraindicated in patients with hypertension.

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A provocative review of human and animal pheromonology that wafts its message of subliminal implications for sexual relations in society.

World Allergy Organ J.
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Some men report profound nasal obstruction with malt — laden beers.
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Questionnaire evaluation and risk factor identification for Nonallergic vasomotor rhinitis.

The Sexy Nose The intertwining of sexual arousal, genitalia, and the nose has been long been intimately linked [ 48 ].

American Family Physician.

Ipratropium nasal spray in children with perennial rhinitis.

The effect of external nasal dilators on blood oxygen levels in dental patients.

Other agents not discussed by AHRQ:

Am Rev Respir Dis.

As 1 clue to specific causes, Ellegard et al[ 8 ] have shown that woman with rhinitis of pregnancy have elevated serum placental growth hormone levels when compared with pregnant women without rhinitis.

Drugs of various classes are known to cause either acute or flrichi rhinitis.

Additional therapies, for which AHRQ felt there was no strong evidence base, may be tried if the approved approaches fail.

A novel and effective approach to treating rhinitis with nasal antihistamines.

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