Vascectomy and orgasm.Your semen will not change color or have an altered consistency.

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Possible Complications After a Vasectomy. A comparative study of the no scalpel and the standard incision method of vasectomy in five countries. All these questions refer to the past four weeks. But, what about their concerns about libido?

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A vasectomy is a procedure performed on the vas deferens, the tubes that put sperm into your semen when you ejaculate.

Another underlying condition or complication of the surgery might be the cause.
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If true, this could be a blessing or a curse.

This questionnaire recorded, above all, the influence of the vasectomy on various aspects of sexual life.
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As with any surgery, vasectomy carries risk of complications.

How often do you have sex per month?

Vasectomies are losing their popularity, but a study from earlier this year may suggest a reason to reconsider this minimally invasive procedure as a method for birth control.

As a comparison, approximately 1, couples using a condom and couples using oral contraceptives will experience a pregnancy each year.

This includes the intensity and duration of your orgasms as well.

The reason for this was that contraception was no longer needed.

Instead, your swimmers get reabsorbed by your body, says Dr.

Figure 2.

The Patient's Guide to Vasectomy Download a copy of the guide for off-line reading.

Ejaculation after Vasectomy:

But it's also a key adult skill.

A special instrument is used to make a tiny puncture in the skin and stretch the opening so the vas can be lifted out of the scrotum, cut and cauterized.

Supplement 1 Postoperative questionnaire after vasectomy How long does your vasectomy date back to?

Since only the questionnaires of the already operated men were available in this retrospective study, we compared these data with a historical sample.