Throat infection home remedy for adults.While the saltwater gargle is more commonly used, gargling baking soda mixed with salt water can berlin chat relieve a sore throat as well.

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Slippery elm. To Prevent Spreading the Infection:

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A sage-echinacea spray has been shown to relieve sore throat discomfort as effectively as antiseptic medication spray.

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Place a clove of garlic between your cheek and teeth and suck on it like a candy.

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When choosing the best tea for your sore throat, you may also want to check the caffeine content.

Shop for honey.

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Children and teenagers recovering from chickenpox or flu-like symptoms should never take aspirin.

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Chicken soup is a well-known natural cold and sore throat remedy.

It can also help ease cold symptoms if the throat infection is a result of mucous build-up.

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