The lost girl lesbian.And I want them to be well written, multidimensional characters.

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So yes, I DO want more queer women. The great things about Lost Girl outweigh the negatives.

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Syfy Character Status:

So no show can ever do a storyline with mythical beings or aliens that can change shape and who cause harm, because it might be reminiscent of something else worse?
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LG-S by mokkalino.

Hell I even like BO with Dyson.
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Moving on…a bitch and a cunt?

So I never even made it to the third season.

I want to see Bo and Lauren get back together team Doccubus what up!

Also, I will never be able to think of Vex the same way again.

It was just so out of place for a show like Lost Girl.

Lauren sought comfort in Bo and the two grew closer emotionally.

Bo Dennis.

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The idea of characters and the harm they do not being possible unless people KNOW they are seeing something doing harm is ignorant in the extreme.

It was better than she ever imagined; she breathed deeply through her nose, desperate for air but not wanting to break the kiss.

I find her really annoying.

Why are you reporting this video?

Lauren, on the other hand, is a pretty selfless character.

So no, you can not speak to what is and is not transphobic.

A Friendly Competition Pairing:

For anyone interested I wrote a well received fanfic starring them, kind of my version of where season 4 could have gone.