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Summer is coming! When a person is cold, needs protection for a task at hand, or is walking on rocky ground, clothing could be helpful or even necessary. All photos reblogged from other Tumblrs.

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Summer is coming!
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The purpose of this page is to promote nudism as a wholesome and healthy daily lifestyle for all to enjoy.

How can you be opposed to or offended by your essential self?
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Social nudity builds respect.

Lifelong nudist born and raised in a nudist family.

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There is also nothing wrong with being unclothed.

The fact that we are being denied a basic right to be human by others does not suddenly make that right cease to exist - only cease to be allowed.

Inside or outside, I always start poking it with a stick or lose time by just watching into the red glowing flames.

There is also nothing wrong with being unclothed.

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Billy Monday.

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All photos reblogged from other Tumblrs.

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Why is nudity so god damn controversial?