Sweetest letter to girlfriend.I write this letter to make you know that I'm still in love with you every now and then.

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Would you try? How I wish you are around here to hug and kiss me. I look forward to meeting him. It's amazing and lovely as to how much influence you have brought into my life, I'm still grateful to God and will forever be, for the decision I took to say that u love you.

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I kid you not.

I want you to know that you are the one that my heart beats for, and the only one I want to spend the rest of my life loving.
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From now until we are no more, I will preach about my love to an angel.

I will go to any extent to demonstrate my love to you.
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For you are the one whose love, I will forever love for, dearie.

How is life with you?

My love, I hope that you are doing good in all that you partake in?

I am Addicted to Your Look From the very moment my eyes glanced at you for the first day, I became so addicted to your looks and when I made the move to ask you out which you later agreed to be my lover.

I love you so much.

As in, I don't even have a reason for loving you.

You make me keen to face anything and give me the confidence to stand any task.

Good morning my cute wife, If there is anyone I always run to when I feel bitter then it's you, you make me feel comfortable and have some relief even when there is just a little hope.

Basically, these letters are very good for all types of situations, but again, make sure you are close enough to be the shoulder for homemade penis extenders to cry on.

On seeing your nobility and generosity, I have started respecting women a bit more.

But now I want to say you are very precious to me.

I will from now on, try as much as I can to see that I make you smile like never before.