Spread your legs tumblr.Sonny changed the tempo of his thrust, moving from short and quick thrusts to long and deep ones and you gasped again, clutching the sheets.

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Your pussy was delightful and looked tasty. Kissing harder and harder on your clit, sucking it with my lips at times. You went to close your legs and roll over onto your back, but Sonny stopped you with a gentle hand on your slick hip.

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Softly at first, but quickly kissed harder as I pressed my face into your wet panties.

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I need all the kisses right now.

You complied.
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To say I attacked your pussy and ass would be an understatement.

His hand planted between your shoulder blades and you turned your head to the side and cursed at how good he felt.

I gulped as you began to take me into your mouth.

I led you into the bedroom and stood before the bed.

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I held your knees in my hands and began to move then around your thighs.

Watching you move was mesmerizing.

I leaned forward, grasping each of your cheeks and kissed and licked.

His hand dropped down on your butt in a stinging slap and you moaned in pleasure as you pushed your hips back to meet his thrusts.

You breathed in deep as I kissed over and over.

You moaned again in response, throwing out a hand blindly to clutch at his hip where he was driving into you at a punishing pace.

You took a very long time taking off my shoes.

My lips and tongue stimulated and teased.