Pokemon up close and personable.Find threads started by Haza.

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Maybe bring an army of Pokemon? Join Date: Dawn is so oblivious Slowking uses Water Pulse, hitting Yanmega.

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Find threads started by I Laugh at your Misfortune!
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I really think that they need a centered episode about these guys in detention.

Here is where you can discuss mass hypnotism by the water's edge in "Up Close and Personable!

The others join them and Ash and Angie find two boats and use one to explore the far side of the lake, and Dawn and Brock follow using the other boat.

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They have never seen a hot woman before, so they settle for Jesse.

Wonder if he was profess his stalk-ish love for her soon.

The boys decided a Carvanha for Jessie, but after almost being bitten, Jessie is angrier than last time.

Ash draws waaay better then Angie!!

Piplup Type Water Abilities Torrent.

Ok, you are dead now.