Peeing while giving birth.This can make for a pretty gory sight, but some moms find it satisfying to see where their baby was living for those long nine months.

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The process will speed up if you keep moving around between contractions. Try to walk a bit, and move around on a birth ball or squat, holding the railing of the bed. Forever Grateful Thank you thank you.

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Make good choices with food and drinks:

As annoying as it sounds, you won't feel the catheter while your epidural is in effect and it'll be removed once it's time to start pushing.
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If you're curious, you can get a glimpse of the placenta.
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The mucus plug has an important purpose.

My first one, however, was a preemie and only 4 lbs, but his arm was up on his large head as he came out, ripping me forwards and backwards.

This stops the sagging by holding up the prolapse.

Postpartum recovery is hard in general, and sometimes it seems like peeing is the hardest.

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Tighten the ring of muscle around your bowel back passage like you are holding in a fart.

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