Music hall mmf 5 motor.These are tough sacrifices for vinyl lovers on a budget.

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It sounds awfully good, but higher-end cartridges can upgrade the sound even further. This design helps to isolate the platter, main bearing, tone arm and cartridge top platform from the motor, switch, wiring, and feet bottom platform. The Good Two-speed manual turntable; piano-black finish; precision glass platter; high-quality tone arm; includes premounted phono cartridge; record clamp secures LPs to the platter. Where is the Marantz TT now?

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Do you have some reason for thinking that the motors in these particular models are prone to trouble?

Turntables that include a threaded clamp start well above this price.
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I emailed Music Hall and they suggested a drop of oil, and then running it for 24 for 36 hours!

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One very welcomed attribute that became apparent after repeated comparisons of the same recording on both CD and vinyl was that the space of the recording was consistently accomplished in a more lifelike manner with the little MMF-5, if xxxsimpson recording was up to it.

I have the 7.

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After about 20 or so recordings, things started to get much better.

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Reverse the above steps to re-assemble.

Common motor oil additives are not a problem.

May 12,

The tonearm wires were the cheapest I've ever encountered.

Pinpoint, not flowery or overly romantic this version of the cartridge is.

Use wherever static build-up is a problem.

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