Jeff gordon shaved.I could with some products.

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Mel Gibson, vs. In the process, he found being alone led him out of isolation. Menard can throw in the soul patch with his as well, which earns him bonus points on my scale. Norwood 2?

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He also served as a correspondent for Sports Illustrated, and covered seven Super Bowls, dozens of college bowl games, five Masters, two U.
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Above all else, Mojo Nixon is a man of his word.

Not only do you have to trim and shape, but you have to be symmetrical.
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I couldn't make that story up, it's just not possible.

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Oh I think so.

When a tabloid anointed a sexy perfume clerk as the scent behind Brooke's citation of ''marital misconduct,'' Gordon refused to sling mud even though he denies any misconduct.

Jeff Gordon, loser.

You wouldn't have to have the dedication to replicate the whole Said look, complete with the 'fro, but a goatee is always pretty cool-looking.

This is the man who has recently tried out a goatee, peeled off his inhibitions for ''Saturday Night Live,'' finally sat behind his unused desk at his Charlotte offices and had just carried in six boxes of pizza for the crew in the DuPont trailer.

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With her, there was always a Bible verse taped to his steering wheel.