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The stoic man already liked everything about you, and in these two years together, he's grown to love them.

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The way you graced the floor like you were gliding upon it; your feet much too precious to even hit the floor beneath you.

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Meanwhile, while you struggled to lift yourself off the bed, a gentle hand rested on your stomach and pressed you down gingerly.

Your music on your phone switched songs to your favorite song.

Rose petals began to fly out at you, landing all over the floor behind you.

He held out his hand and you took it.

She could still do everything that any other cadet could do.

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You put those thoughts in the back of your head as you walked to the tall cabinet and began your struggle.

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You felt the weight of his stare, as if he were scrutinizing every little detail about you.

He held out his hand and you took it.

Today, you had been drawing again, but you were on a subconscious drawing.

It seemed as though she was alone, but in fact she had 5 people that were always with her:

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