Husband spanked in panties.He thought she always had an orgasm when they had sex.

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After losing his hairbrush, he bpneeded an enema shortly later. Amanda snatched the cat from her mouth, quickly turning it in a figure eight motion in the air, then moved to strike Teddy. It would shame me.

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I was left in just panties while the doctor took my vitals.

All the ladies grinned.

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He noticed his cock and tucked it back in the panties.

He was wearing the pink panties as punishment 33 dating morning as I had told him to.

Then its the back of a hairbrush with underpants down at his ankles.

The other customers stopped shopping and glanced at him curiously.

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She quickly turned around on his chest and pressed her asshole against his face.

In this way, in my mind at least, she takes ownership of them, even if she has only worn them for a few minutes.

Samantha immediately pressed her fingers through the wet material and against her pulsing vagina.

I thought you might be dehydrated.

She wondered why he had gotten an erection during the punishment assuming it would be the last thing that would happen.

I have never been as embarrassed as when the doctor told me to strip to my underwear and I hade on green flowery panties.

I was left in just panties while the doctor took my vitals.

Make him bend over edge of bathtub to put the water in him.

Ron, Thanks for your comment.

It was not until afterwards that I found I could not sit down, even on a cushion, without great discomfort.