Http r mts ru dating.In our supervision over the internal and free men peeing audit we continued activities related to the control of independence and fairness of internal and external audit functions, and assessed the quality of audit and efficiency of internal and external audit activities.

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Experience sufficiency was evaluated; the results achieved in the Company were also analyzed for internal candidates.

Besides, individual meetings with senior functional management of the Company are offered to members of the Board of Directors, at which members of the Board of Directors may obtain any information required for their work.
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Auditing Commission is a permanent elective body of the Company, exercising periodic control over the financial and economic activities of the Company, activities of its management bodies and officers.
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Tardan, Tuva, Russia Reference:

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Gerasimov with the specialty in film direction.

Russian Banks.

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In he graduated from Moscow Institute of Road Traffic.

In Sistema, the largest private sector consumer services company in Russia and the CIS, acquired the stake from the Russian shareholders.

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