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Their relationship ended on bad terms, but they are still friends. It skipped several times before sinking into the lake. The Education of Hannah Abbott by red jacobson Rated: And also all four of them together.

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Using his hand he positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushed his way dvdt sex.

This story a sweet mix of unrequited love and BDSM.
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Harry Potter's Menagerie -:

January 03,
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Albus always wanted Teddy, but never thought he would be able to have him.

His body still hurts, but it is different kind of pain, one that runs through his veins like liquid fire.

Updated Crossovers:

It all belongs to someone else, not me

Chapter 13 - Ginny and Tonks

For the first time, he had money to give to you!

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December 18, Updated:

Chapter 13 - Ginny and Tonks

Hannah Abbott learned a lot more than just magic during her time in Hogwarts.

Smiling, he drifted off to sleep.

As they traversed the grounds, Tonks led Harry astray and onto a grassy patch.

November 11, Updated:

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Chapter 16 - Ginny and Luna

Not my first story, but my first HP fic, firt adult fic, and first fic in years.

But there was someone trying to help him.

Now, let's get dressed.