Endocrinologist consult transgender.Fertility preservation options are to be discussed before starting a medical intervention.

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Hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe with provider supervision; a review of hormone therapy sequelae for transgender individuals. Furthermore, most studies in transgender men report no adverse impact of testosterone treatment on fasting glucose or insulin sensitivity 44 , , , Genital reconstructive surgery results in an irreversible loss of natural reproductive capacities, whereas testosterone therapy has an important but partially reversible impact on fertility. Arterial hypertension during treatment with triptorelin in a child with Williams-Beuren syndrome.

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The Gender Construction Kit is a volunteer-created open source project guiding the individual around all one could wish to know about UK-based transgender health care.

Masculine voices predict well-being in female-to-male transgender individuals.
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For these patients and adolescents who are unsure of the path they wish to follow, the endocrinologist can prescribe puberty blockers.

For non-Western countries, hormone therapy is often self-prescribed without supervision by a medical professional.

Box 1.

In 10 transgender men with androgenetic alopecia, treatment with oral finasteride at 1 mg daily for 12 months induced improvement with one grade on the Norwood—Hamilton scale after a mean of 5.

Transgender people before gender-affirming treatment present with higher levels of mental health problems, particularly depression, anxiety, and self-harm, than do cisgender people.

For example, the term transsexual, which has been used since 4 , is largely now confined to the legal and medical literature.

The individual is self-medicating with unverified hormonal preparations.

Testosterone treatment also lowers their HDL-cholesterol levels.

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Without medications, the patient experiences severe distress that may cause them to self-harm or attempt suicide.