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My penis dangled wildly as well, clearly visible to her. You won't believe how much I hated her. Then the first stroke came, hitting my bottom in the middle. Luke right now is about to jizz himself and same with my bro.

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This is a collection of short stories, ideas, travel and much more.

After the spanking we got sent to our room for a long time.
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A big mistake.

We all got spanked and on some occasians bare bottom.
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Even though he was facing the rest of the family he forgot about his modesty.

I quickly snapped the laptop shut in hopes that would silence this horrid punishment scene.

He was a allowed one spank and same with my bro.

One would be the before the clippers were used image and the other, he hoped, would capture the tear streaks on Jimmy's face.

Of course I wanted to.

He pulls me out the door to the patio.

To mark a difference between the fun bits and my punishments my man incorporates a little bit of embarrassment into the proceedings.

He places one hand on my back to hold me down.

He had wandered off even further than the lake, and only returned when he heard his cousins calling his name.

Brockwell frog-marched him into the corner.

We all got spanked and on some occasians bare bottom.

I screamed so loud, nothing has ever gone on my ass before and now for the first time a finger in front of my bro and his friends.

I've made promises about what would happen if you did not keep yours and I'm certainly going to keep mine.

As I said, it is a strange new thing for me, but feels so good!

Friday, March 16, The most embarrassing spanking ever First of all sorry for only publishing now, but this story took me longer than planned to write.

Again the pain was excruciating, and for a moment I thought I had a few broken bones.