Dean winchester is gay.Sam wants a weekend to himself [and Eileen, of course] and sends Dean and Cas away on a routine ghost hunt.

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Cas is right of course, the kiss did make Dean uncomfortable, just not for the reasons the other hockey player thinks. Felicia Day in This entry documents characters of gender and sexual diversity, and its portrayal on Supernatural.

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He despises what he hunts, especially demons.

Crowley appears to enjoy sexual sadism and we see him relishing the "erotic value" of inflicting pain.
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Oh I'm so sorry.

Her touch causes a fatal heart attack and resulted in her accidentally killing her girlfriend.
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Remember Me.

While in his female vessels, Michael is referred to exclusively by male pronouns.

Crowley appears to enjoy sexual sadism and we see him relishing the "erotic value" of inflicting pain.

He almost constantly displays some humorous behavior, he will usually make light of tense situations, often making inappropriate jokes or using sexual innuendo.

He also seals his deal with Bobby with a kiss, and later shows off a picture of the moment that he took on his iPhone.

No no no, you have to watch out for me alright and if I ever turn into something that I'm not, you have to kill me.

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You know what I mean.

I need you to watch out for me.

He went to mutter a half-assed apology and greet his brother properly, but then another figure appeared from behind Dean.

Felicia Day in 7.

InCastiel also had a female vessel.

In , on the night 6.

I don't want to give too much away but basically, Dean has sex with lots of girls in school, until Castiel comes around.

His hair was dishevelled, and eyes were crusty with sleep.

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