Dating a broke guy.Is it not also advisable for a broke girl not to date as well so that she will clebrity fake nudes become a remnant and borehole to the guy who has finally blown and want to settle down with a decent chick after staying away from a lady for a long time?

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I have stopped condemning girls that doesn't settle for less, there are so many disadvantages of dating a broke guy namely: This is pure mockery ooo I swear, now Imagine your bf sees this, he ll be like.

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Heartbreak Read Later.

Ladies that thinks marriage is all about the guy must be rich, these ladies don't last in marriages because what happens if the supposed rich man go broke?
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Op, find another boyfriend if e tire u abeg.

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Broke men respect your hustle.

Someone who can't even multiply 5naira into naira will come online to broke shame people she hasn't even met or seen.

In other words, broke men will be there for you.

I am not after my Boyfriend's money or anything, his happiness is mine also and I know he will be happy by the time he is financially ok to cater for all his own needs and beyond.

For my money you say?

Had it been you diverted the wasted effort you used in pasting this poo.

See How To Advertise.

A wise man once said that to know a man really well, give him money and power.

I love my broke boyfriend because firstly am not dating him for financial reason and 2ndly because I see a bright future in him, but one thing remain, I can't ingrown hair on cock him if he continues being broke.

Being broke is not a virtue.

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Just like any normal couple, you would want to go out on dates, parties, holidays and outings to exciting places.

Ladies get real.

Of Your Money When are his finances a dealbreaker?

It is annoying that he is not buying you things, but he feels entitled to complain about the things you buy best homemade dildo yourself.

I am not.