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And you sound like you search for a reason to disrespect people.
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They soon had a ritual of sorts between them.

This isn't the first time Sophie has posted about her father's passing.
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Respect is earned by giving respect to others, and thinking yourself on a pedestal might not be the best way to go about it.

Instead we let them win.

Lil Skeezer will always be bae.

I sobbed.

I want to push forward and I want to pull this fucking car over and do something about all of the ways we are backward.

And again.

In turn, I give them that same basic respect.

A bitch is a bitch and should not be respect.

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You also have to earn respect from a man if you are a women.

Totally agree.

Julie Julie 2 years ago Totally agree.

As a family.

I'm reading through the comments on a post about Black Lives Matter.

We were blown away.

Speak about it ladies Thanks Sugabelly.