Cortana cosplays.Combat Evolve.

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Second, she has the rare claim to be cosplaying as a never shown on-screen variant of Cortana from the novel Halo: SpartanJenzii 's ready for a fight with an excellent replica Covenant Plasma Repeater and great bodysuit cosplay of Halo 3's Cortana. First Strike. That makes her a good option for people looking to cosplay characters from this video game.

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If anyone knows who this is, please let me know in the comments below so I may credit her fantastic work!

She was created using two flash cloned copies of Dr.
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Th3 Rouge shows off some stunning body trinidad pornstars cosplay of Cortana in Halo 4, along with a fantastic replica Covenant Plasma Sword.

She is the AI that helps gamers who plays the role of the super soldier Master Chief in the game.
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Combat Evolve.

Cortana developed a loyalty to Master Chief, especially after their many missions and adventures together.

Cosplayer Hyokenaseisou 's work is doubly on display in this little but of fun at PAX.

In this adorable cosplay, xKittyxViciousx 's husband and daughter are going out as on Halloween as Master Chief and Cortana.

Since she is an AI character, she only has one distinct outfit.

It's in the novel that she originally transitioned from her purple form in Halo:

As one of the favorite characters in Halo, Cortana is usually an option of women when they are looking to dress up as Halo characters.

She was created using two flash cloned copies of Dr.

Despite being an AI, Cortana is an attractive character.

Particular props excuse the pun for those great Needler and Plasma Pistol replicas!