Cheerleader hands between legs.Additional spots are typically used as a safety precaution.

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There are basic cheerleading motions that nearly all cheerleaders use, whether you cheer for your school squad or do competitive cheer. The second base's hand positioning functions to lift and to stabilize the flyer's foot from shifting from side to side. She took dance lessons for ten years, sitting on the floor with shoes placed on her arms so that she could tap rhythms on the floor. To perform a left L, simply reverse the motions and put the left arm out straight to the side and the right arm straight up next to your head.

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They complained that the school had broken the Americans with Disabilities Act and other discrimination laws.
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How to Master the Squat.

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Before beginning to stunt a flyer must learn the correct posture.

Mitchell are all students at the University of Arizona and proud members of the Wildcats co-ed cheer team.

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Hands are in a fist with the pinky finger forward.

The main base will be almost directly under the stunt until it is cradled or brought down.

With your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, bend your legs to a degree angle.

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This reassures that if something were to go wrong within the stunt that everyone would get out of the stunt safely, and that the flyer would safely return to the ground and land on 42online feet.

A strong core and good sense of balance are key qualities for a flyer to possess.