Can god bring someone back into your life.What should I do, I am still in love with him, I know he is not preferable, I know I can find someone better than him.

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My guy and I worked in the same office. Stupid I know, but Instagram was life at one point. Like a post I read on here, I think God got angry with me and my broken promise, and he took someone I really love away from me so that I can turn back to him and focus my love on him God. We moved into my sisters house it got a little stressful she had a bunch of kids and he woke up early but I did my best to mediate between them he proposed on our one year anniversary.

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In other words, we do stupid things.

Bill called begging for me to come back and kept telling me how much he loved me.
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Give Him a chance by opening your emotional life to Him through prayer.

All these 6 years.
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Please pray that I get him back because in my heart I feel like he was the right one for me.

My guy and I worked in the same office.

So unfortunately you will suffer as I do, but getting back is not gonna happen, Maybe for our own good.

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I have prayed everyday for over 6 months and nothing has changed; I feel worse than ever in fact.

I am becoming the kind of women he needs, and he is becoming the type of man I need.

I am struggling with my own problems as well.

Do you think that I wanted to have to raise a child on my own with his father being in prison?

I love him so much and it was weird because i recently just gave myself away as in i gave all my emotions and all my love to him and then he suddenly dumps me and says that he wants to be with his friends now… He said he doesnt know how to love me anymore because i keep asking if he still does and then he said that he also cant love me the same way as before sexy young pic he said that hes changed.

Trust in him and his plan for you.

What if we were to plead with Him to download His heart onto ours, so that we could truly understand what is best for our lives?

God is a gentleman.

One day they did call back and I got the job, making good money!

I do not think that I would have had to if I was not left raising a child on my own.

Otherwise, God's job is much harder.

You need to give up…but still…my mind still love him.