Benny hill girls nude.This is going to sound warped, but as a preteen kid in the 70s, I think I enjoyed that little old man with the glasses more than anyone else--especially when he was in drag!

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Sue Bond Sue began her career in the s in soft core sex movies by the well-known Harrison Marks - in one she gets it on with a big teddy bear. Regarding Sue Upton, I often wondered if she weren't closer to Hill than some of the others as you specified. And then thrust a set of sexy Benny Hill babe images at you. Just like Mary did.

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The saddest thing about all this is that Benny had often promised those people close to him, that they were in his will - and so they were all greatly disappointed to find out this wasn't roast beef curtain pictures true.

I too grew up on Benny Hill.
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A piece of paper was found among Benny's effects after his death.

She stood for everything I hated about our country.
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The biographies of all those girls is so varied, I almost think you made them up, but I'm sure you didn't.

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And in a role reversal it is now the feminists who take the Whitehouse line — ban it!

Religious belief is today considered a bit laughable, as are all the strictures that religion laid down.

I think he was underrated and misunderstood.

Mondo September 22,

Just like Mary did.

Cherri has also admitted to "pleasuring" Benny Hill.

The Hills Angels years are probably my favorites.

That's just plain awful about the relatives blocking the re-airing of the show!

No one knows what became of Benny Hill's vast fortune - perhaps it went to Sue?

Incidentally, what sort of TV programmes did Mary like?

What I found most interesting and most disturbing is that she later revealed that she was only 16 when she started on the show.

I didn't think it was the same one because when I think Benny Hill, I think early '70s I had no idea they were still in production in the '80s , and I didn't think a girl young enough to be one of Benny's bimbos would still look as young as Jane Leeves does now.

Pam GoRetro September 22,

All other people have a nice time watching!

As webmaster of Sue Upton's official site and a friend of hers, I can categorically state that Benny's fortune did not go to Sue.

I grew up with him,and never did,never will,find him or that sexist humour offensive!