Battle bikini bottom cheat code spongebob.You should have 63 shiny objects.

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Obtain 40 shiny object. Sign up for free! All Cheats - Latest First.

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The second pair of golden underwear is on pornodegalilea Krusty Krab sign.

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The following bunch of codes can be entered any time during the game.

In level 1 go to squidwards house.

A sock will appear on the table that has a checker board on it.

Easy Spatculas After You talk to larry hit 3 tiki's then die by the sinks and couches.

Xbox Submitted by Gamer3.

Once you create it, it will roll in front of you try to stay slower than it.

M and B.

Go to the third part of Bikini Bottom.

To get wrestle erotic golden pants you may of seen on Squidward's house you need to jump on the button between Patrick's and Squidward's house.

Play SBSP:

To get the golden spatula that is in the cage that opens when you step on the red button in the asianasses chest, you get spongebob and go nude sex positions photography around where the tilting ship hull is and look up and there should be a big pipe wih green goo pouring out.

Defeat the Robo-Sponge!

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Do it three times then he'll freeze you automatically then you are Sandy.

You have to go to the sea needle.

When in the libray at Spongebobs House, you have to press a button on the wall in order for you to get the sock in the air but, instead of using the giant ball to try to press the button you can jump on top of the door by pushing yourself against the door then jump and you should be on the top of the door.

A bouncy life saver will appear.