Amateur jpeg.Artistically speaking anyway, in terms of the image as a documentary artifact.

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Right now I only shoot in Jpeg and this weekend I learned how much tweaking I can do to the pics using Gimp 2. Separate names with a comma. My copy of editing software provides three sliders, obviously giving enough combination to guarantee a lottery win.

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Whether you've grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order.

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This means you have more tones to play.

As I myself just mentioned raw files hold more colour information.
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Newer Than:

These are the people who no longer need a large safety net to rescue images because of basic shooting mistakes.

So you won't really need to learn much in the way of editing techniques.

Most of them just end up getting batch processed but it's still nice to be edit out the misses, brighten under-exposed shots and straighten things before the boss sees them.

You can probably shoot both at the same time, and use the jpeg as a point of reference for tweaking the RAW file.

Now shot on raw.

John, I thank you for this article.

If I examine the results from shooting a test card I can just distinguish the difference between RAW and high quality JPGs but for actual real life pictures I can not tell them apart.

If so does it follow that the producers of after market software know optics better then the actual manufacturers?

She was done pretty quickly and set up a screen in the reception hall and put up a slide-show of the images.